The Eternal “Now”

Living in the moment.

I have a rather difficult time with this. I’ve always loved to day-dream and when things maybe are boring or annoying, it’s just too easy to flip that switch and go somewhere else. However, it seems that this is probably not a good habit to continue anymore. Now, I don’t mean to say daydreaming is bad, but to perpetually live in that state is not healthy. I don’t want to miss any messages or signs anymore !

I like to think of the world as “binary;” everything boiled down to ones and zeroes. Consider, if you will, that all the potential for creation lies within the “Zero.” This potential you can say is the endless well into which our consciousness can dip in order to create; to manifest some experience with which to learn. On the other side of this creative potential, everything that has been chosen, so to speak, will be the “One.” Boiled down, maybe I can call it the “Creative Potential” (Zero) and the “Chosen Reality” (One).

Lately, I have to ask myself where my focus is. Is my focus on everything that “is not” (but could be) or is my focus on that “which is?” I want to be more aware, and this is the route I will take, focusing on the “One” and only looking at the potentials when I intend to create something new.

“There is an appointed time for everything and a time for every delight under the sky.” (Ecc 3:1) So, why rush it? Let me enjoy the “boring” now, and begin to notice love and beauty in every thing and every moment. Let me see the Creator in every grain, in every atom, in every infinitesimal piece of the “One” which you and I have created. After all, didn’t we choose this moment?

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