What a concept. The initial thought from the word “Broken” makes me think of a person with a broken spirit. My next thought is to shift my perception away from the idea that a person can be “broken.” In the eternal “now,” everything is as it should be. You are looking at one snapshot of an idea. Just as death begets new life, destruction allows for a new creation.

Embrace the change. Discard the notion that there is “trauma” and allow your perception to see the chance for something new. I hope my words will not be mistaken as being dismissive of someone who has experienced trauma. I sincerely wish to give everyone their power back to overcome seemingly traumatic experiences in order to view them without an emotional attachment other than love.

That which is not needed falls away. Do not hold onto that which is not serving you. Holding onto the idea of the pain is what perpetuates the pain. Release the trauma of brokenness and embrace the experiences which have molded you into who you are. Find forgiveness for yourself and for others. Find love for yourself and others.

This is not easy, but it will give you strength.



–Responding to the Daily Prompt Broken from The Daily Post

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