Jesus: the baby in the bathwater

I want to talk/think about the total rejection of the Bible and Christianity in the world today…. And maybe that’s not it- maybe I just want to talk about the acceptance of Jesus.

Below is a link to a video with Doreen Virtue discussing Jesus/ New Age/ Demons/ and NDEs. Watching the video is not a pre-requisite for reading this post- I merely want to share her message, which I found to be interesting and insightful.

Also- these are my OPINIONS. They are in no way infallible and they are subject to change. These are my thoughts as they come right now, and this is not a perfect semblance of my thoughts and beliefs in their entirety. This is not something I have discussed in great depth- so these thoughts are not “fully formed.”

I use this blog post to better understand my own beliefs, to share my perceptions with others, and mostly to refine and forge a stronger picture of my spirit by working through my thoughts here. This sort of thing should go without saying – buuut it doesn’t. lol


I grew up in a Christian home, going to church almost every Sunday. Although I am not the same person as before, I could still call myself a Christian- albeit probably a quite different one from most of those in the Church, but then again: maybe not. I find all kinds of people find a benefit in attending a Church service, reading the Bible, or practicing much of the Christian-faith doctrine.

When it comes to “New Age” philosophies/doctrine, Jesus isn’t a prominent figure, from what I have seen. But when I do come across it, there is usually a favorable picture painted around Him. Whether you believe he is the only Son of God or just an Ascended Master, it does seem that a spirit or energy that “favors” Jesus is aligned with the “positive” side in this existence. Therefore, in my opinion, any teaching or spirit that tries to belittle or degrade Jesus (or negate his teachings) is not one that I want to bring into my world. That doesn’t mean that a “negative” spirit can’t use Jesus to manipulate. This manipulation can exist, so it takes discernment and guidance from God in order to better understand the agenda behind whatever spirit or teaching you’re taking in.

Note: I use positive and negative in quotes because of the ideas behind “service to others”  (an outward charge) being positive and “service to self” being negative (an inward pull). The “positive” side will share the love, light, and power of God with others and the “negative” will pull in and keep love/light (or darkness) to him/herself. The One Infinite Creator (I don’t mind calling it God) offers itself equally to everyone. What is it that you do with His love and energy?

I have ideas about “Demons” and what they are, but that is for another post (that may or likely not ever be written). I won’t deny their existence, however- that I will say. There are entities and energies out there that do not accept Jesus and/ or want to destroy his ideas and those that perpetuate love/light and forgiveness. There are energies and spirits that enjoy the darkness and want to destroy the light in others.

As Doreen Virtue says in the video linked above, Jesus was not all sunshine and rainbows. He had his moments of what we may call anger or frustration. And also, as Doreen says, he spent a lot of time casting out demons. I would not say that times today are very different than then- people still invite “demons” into their life.

However, demons are not the only reason someone will experience negative things in their world, but they very well could be what is causing some negativity and destruction  in your life or in the lives of people you know. However, don’t discard the idea that God uses destruction, too. Destruction is sometimes necessary in order to rebuild something newer and better. Destruction can be used to tear down something that is not serving you/others in the best way. … I feel I am getting off topic here. Lol

I should insert here a caveat that I do not accept the Bible in 100% of its “teaching.” I do not believe that the Bible is infallible. I believe that the Bible passages are “subject to their times” and not everything is applicable today. I believe God has granted free-will and that includes allowing people to decide what is “gospel” and what is not. I also believe that the Bible could have been (and was) manipulated by people- it is probably still being manipulated today by newer translations with passages that are farther and farther away from the original text. Without studying in depth myself – I can’t know – I only have to trust others that claim they do. I tend to use when researching passages and that way I am able to look at various translations as well as Strong’s Concordance and original words/meanings.

Even with all of that- a word in the English language meant something different years ago than it does today. “Peruse” in the 15th century was to “use up, wear out, go through” “completely” ( The meaning to “Read carefully” was applied sometime in the 1530s, and in the 19th century, we now use it to mean “read casually.” So – what did the original term actually mean? It’s even harder to say- AGAIN I am getting off topic. lol

Furthermore, I believe that God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit still reveal messages to people today. Gods only messages were not delivered thousands of years ago

Doreen Virtue mentions in the video that Jesus followed the principles of “free will” in that he did not heal or serve without being requested first. This is important. The allowance of others to engage in their own free will. Not only did he not heal without imposing on others’ free will, but he also taught his lessons without infringing upon free will. Many of his parables are coded, esoteric messages that will be allowed to fall shy of anyone’s ears who is “not willing to hear” them.

In my opinion, the 2 most important things that Jesus offers: forgiveness and love. These are obviously scattered throughout “New Age” movements. One thing that always kind of struck me is thinking about the idea of Anubis and his scale weighing your heart. Does Jesus not offer your heart to be light-as-a-feather? During any “life review” – would not the sacrifice and forgiveness of God through Jesus grant you permission to have a softer review? Would this not help alleviate the “wheel of karma” on some level?

But love and forgiveness is not all he talks about. There are messages that the Kingdom of God is within you. Perhaps this can be interpreted in different ways: the Holy Spirit dwells within (after accepted), Holy Spirit dwells within (whether you accept it or not), or Heaven is within and here and now (not external or another place or another time) – surely there are other interpretations as well. There are also verses which Jesus/the Bible seems to indicate a very literal kingdom- a “new earth” or “new government” physically here on Earth. Both of these are also seen through “New Age” ideas.

Apart from any messages he brought, Jesus as an Ascended-Master/Anointed One/Messiah/Way-Shower- HE IS ONE TO EMULATE. He showed amply mercy and forgiveness and was full of service to others. He allowed the ultimate sacrifice- his own person to be slaughtered in a most brutal way- in order for many to have Salvation, Love, Forgiveness, and Eternal Life. Whether you believe He was the true, literal, and only Son of God would not change any of the above.

So anyone and everyone: why throw Jesus out?
Throwing the baby out with the bathwater is not the answer here.

(is it ever? Lol)

2 thoughts on “Jesus: the baby in the bathwater”

  1. Loved this post. I was raised in the Presbyterian USA Church, by a Methodist and a half-Catholic (if that can be a thing). I now am a member of a Unity Christian Church. Unity is the only church I’ve been able to find that fits how I feel about God and the nature of the Universe. They’re Bible-based, but they read it as more of a book of guidance, prayer, with metaphysical stories. Jesus is holy, but more of a Wayshower, a Master Teacher. The first Christians were actually mystics, and Christianity looked very very different than it looks today. I don’t spend a whole lot of time pondering Jesus or the nature of God, but I’m a huge Jesus fan, but so many of his followers make me sad. They tend to lose his love and forgiveness message and create him (and God) in their own image. Super interesting post, and very well-written. 🙂

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