Contract – daily prompt

I am grateful for these opportunities to write creatively.


Contract – Connection – Closeness

When I think of Contract there are a couple of ways I can interpret this- all with a similar thread, in my mind.

Contract – binding agreements
Contract – bringing to oneself (contract a disease)
Contract – to shrink/ bring closer together

So- these all seem to imply connection.  The word got me to thinking: When you “contract” a disease- is this a binding agreement? Where does this “agreement” originate? My current beliefs indicate that there are times when someone has a “soul contract” to be ill – to learn lessons (or teach lessons, like compassion). So, that’s an agreement.

There are other times that a person may have a metaphysical issue that manifests itself in the physical through illness. Again, this is like a contract in my opinion. Like an “attachment” from something that needs to be addressed. This physical manifestation of the metaphysical is binding itself to you, until it is addressed and released.

When you “contract” a disease, you are also bringing the elements closer together. 😉 That which was “apart” from you is now “a part” of you. I love it. This word has seemingly different meanings, but I think of them as all pretty much the same now.


That was a fun little exercise. Thank you, Scott’s Daily Prompt.


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