Transformation in the Moment

I’m in a state this morning. I’ve been working on feeling love, giving love. To teach is the same as to learn. This is the idea behind “practice what you preach.” Whatever you think you believe is irrelevant. How you act is what you believe, and how you act is teaching yourself what is “true” and what you believe. On this same note, it is obviously teaching others what you believe, what is acceptable, and what is your “truth.” You are teaching yourself and other selves with every action.

So, yesterday (even today) was pretty good with feeling love and unity for all, but this morning I suppose I could say this philosophy was “tested.” Being confronted with the terrible things one human can do to another, can I still extend love and forgiveness? Can I see them as myself and offer only love without any condemnation? Can I extend love without judgment?

Well, I was able to, but it does have me in a weird state still. I’m supposed to be outraged by human trafficking, murder, and pedophilia. And there is a part of me that is. Absolutely. I would never engage in these actions, but can I extend love to these other selves? Can I look past the actions and see the divinity within that is distorted/obstructed by the ego?


Yes. I can, and I must.

In the infinite possibility of every moment is the possibility of love. And I choose to transform each moment with love.

Now- more to the point of this post, every moment is a transformation. When you interact with another self, you are transforming their world, their mood, and their energy. If you are complaining, or offering hatred or annoyance, this will cause the other person to soak up some of that energy, even if it’s not “directed” at them… Well, of course it’s directed at them! They’re the one receiving the energy whether they were “the cause” or not. I won’t go off on a tangent about causes….

Bottom line, every moment is a transformation because our energy affects that which is around us. How am I going to transform this moment? What am I going to extend to my other selves?


The moment contains love. The infinite possibility of every moment contains love. So for me, I aim to choose love out of all the infinite possibilities.

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