A Letter to…

I love you just the way you are! Every moment that is possible, the moment contains love. I choose to see you how God sees you: perfect. I hope you believe in your worth as God has created your worth.
Any belief in lack, or sinfulness, or unworthiness is a belief that you are separate from Him, when you cannot be. This belief in separation often comes with the heavy weight of unworthiness because it might appear that God is punishing us or God does not love us because x, y, or z, when all along it was us who “chose” the belief in separation. God granted Free Will and we chose to believe we are separate. This is the veil. The perception or belief of separation. Let the veil be torn from your eyes and your mind.
Of what and/or From what did God create? If there was only God, then God can only have given of Himself.
We are constantly growing toward being closer to God and more pure, if we let it. We are all on this path, and I believe none will be lost. The Prodigal Son story is this physical existence. We take what is rightfully ours, our inheritance from God, and we experience it fully and – of course- unwisely, because we are incomplete without Him. We believe we are unworthy, unholy, unloved but when we finally relinquish the physical pleasures and no longer desire separation because we realize the wholeness God the Father provides, we return to Him. And does he punish us? Is He mad at us? No, we have been loved all along. Everything we had with Him is once again ours. Some sons may take longer to reach this point than others, but I do not believe God ever shuts the door on His children.  Ever. That would not be perfect Love and God’s love can’t be anything but perfect, unconditional love. His love is the creative force, and His love never fails. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE MEANS WITHOUT CONDITION !!!!!!!!!!!!  You either believe that, or you don’t.
And on this path to being more pure and more Holy, as long as we have identity, it’s easy to believe we are separate from God, because God clearly cannot be limited to that which I identify with, therefore I know God is “bigger” and “broader” and “more” than myself. And as long as we believe we are separate from God, we perceive a lack and we perceive sin, because we are aware that we are incomplete on some level. It’s this Unity with God that mends our “brokenness.” God did not create our misery, but He did create our Free Will. I don’t think He did this on accident, and I don’t think he was blind-sided when we “chose” to “eat” from the tree of knowledge of good and evil and therefore begin believing we were separate. I believe His plan is perfect, and what He allows is within his desire or “plan” for us and His creation.
Knowledge of “Good” being everything that is infinite and with God (or closer to Him in our view) and “Evil” being everything that is perceived separation from God. If I am to believe that my Creator is perfect, then how can I allow him to make a “mistake” when creating Free Will? This existence and this life has a purpose. I do not believe we are supposed to understand this purpose in this lifetime. This lifetime, I believe, is about realizing love. Finding love, sharing love, receiving love.  Finding love when we are blinded to God’s presence has greater power. Just as Jesus said, (paraphrased) it’s easier to love your family and friends than it is to love the tax-man and the perceived enemy. It’s the same idea. It’s “easy” to love when you are able to see God’s perfect Creation all around you. So to be blind to the perfection and still be able to find love is great catalyst for growth toward being more pure and more Holy. We are in the moments of seeking love and seeking unity. Love your neighbor as you love yourself. Love your neighbor as if he is your-self. This is unity.
Realizing our unity with God, realizing He Created every thing with a purpose, and relinquishing our ego desire for His Will (His design for this Creation) and to allow Him and the Holy Spirit to rule our lives is all the same, in my mind. This is walking in the Garden of Eden with God. This is Heaven on earth. The re-realization of our unification with God. The relinquishing of the veil, the letting go of our belief in separation.
This is not the same things as believing “I am God.” Because (1) I did not create myself, and (2) “I” still has an identity, and God is not an identity. To define God as something is to limit God to something. God has no limits. I recently came across the interpretation that this is why it was written that we should not create graven images in His likeness. Because to give God form means to limit his form.
The Creator is everything. The Creator is infinity, and infinity is obviously not finite, limited, or able to be numbered or defined. As long as “I Am” anything, then I AM not the Infinite Creator. Becoming the Creator is Becoming All that there is (i.e. losing my identity/ letting go of the things I have chosen to identify with/ losing my “limitation” of the label/experience). The great I AM is every thing, during every moment, for all time; the beginning and the end. Or maybe it’s easier to see God as the potential for everything in the great God-Mind without anything being “singled out” or labeled or identified.
I was created by God “in His image” for some purpose. The trinity-image being mind, body, and spirit. God: the great Mind, universal-consciousness, the original thought(s). Body: Jesus, the Word/Logos, Love, the energy of creation,    creation itself, physical manifestation of God. And the Spirit: the shuttle to communicate the mini-me-mind and the Great Mind. Some liken the Spirit the the Will. I am still learning the ways of the Spirit. Truth be told, I am still learning the ways of the Mind and of the Body. But I don’t believe they were created without purpose.
The mind contains all things. The mind contains thoughts of “good” and thoughts of “evil” and it’s up to me to choose which thoughts I want to engage in. If I can control my mind and my thoughts, then I realize that I am not the mind. The mind does not control me. “I am” something else which is controlling the mind. Furthermore, if I can control my thoughts I can “control” my reaction to that which is around me. I can find love when I previously wouldn’t have found it. I can experience forgiveness when I previously wouldn’t have sought it. I am capable of as much “sin” as anyone else around me because I contain the same amount of potential as anyone else, but I choose not to engage in it, and it all begins with my mind and the thoughts I choose to follow/believe.
The Great Mind comes first, so my mini-me-mind comes first. The God-mind had a thought before He made creation. Thought comes first. Similarly, but more limited- my thoughts “create” my reality because my thoughts are shaping my perspective on myself and my surroundings. The greatest healing anyone can have is a shift in their perspective, in my opinion. Do you trust God’s design in this creation? If you choose to trust that this creation is from God and can see others as yourself, then you might can shift your perspective. So when you’re talking with your neighbor, you might start to think “I am my neighbor, so what am I trying to say to myself right now?” Or “What is God saying to me right now through this neighbor?” Treat one another as a mirror. A reflection of the Self you are experiencing. Everything can be a lesson to become more pure, more Holy, and less distorted with the ego mind. Don’t let your ego-mind control your reality!

These are lessons I have been learning/mulling over the past couple of weeks, so now I am compelled to share them.  In unity- to learn is the same as to teach, unless you aren’t teaching what you are learning; in which case you are doing you/anyone little or no good. This understanding should be pondered…

I shall leave you with this little snippet:
Let us examine the heart of evolution.

Let us remember that we are all one. This is the great learning/teaching. In this unity lies love. This is a great learn/teaching. In this unity lies light (or wisdom). This is the fundamental teaching of all planes of existence in materialization. Unity, love, light, and joy; this is the heart of evolution of the spirit.

The second-ranking lessons are learn/taught in meditation and in service (helping or serving others as God created YOUR DESIRES for helping and serving others). … Always begin and end in the Creator, not in technique.

Much much much love to you. May you always choose peace, love, light, and joy in the ever-present moment of “now.”
—- Excerpts/lessons/teachings are taken from the Law of One, the Bible, and A Course in Miracles and are paraphrased or shaped with my own distortion to teach in the way I feel might be beneficial.

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