Faith over Fear


So lately something I’ve been noticing is alllll of the tiny fears I have. It’s as if I am in constant battle with my surroundings and life. Awareness is the first step. Already a success!

And how do I shift, move forward, change? Be transformed with the renewing of your mind.

And much of that, to me, is reprogramming myself for behavior that I want instead of continuing with actions/things/beliefs that are no longer serving my spiritual growth. I’m surrounded by my tiny little fears and battles that all boils down to a lack of Faith and Acceptance. Do I really trust God/Source/the Universe? Do I really believe the things I say I believe? And well, yes, I do.

I know it’s the control over my mind and the thoughts I choose to accept and entertain that either imprison me or set me free. I know my perspective shapes the energy behind every thought as well. So, I intend to move from fear to faith.

“Overcome my fear(s)” is the phrase that I was initially wanting to implement. Let me overcome that! But I already know, “Nothing shall be overcome, all that is not needed falls away.” If I’m to understand that overcoming isn’t really the answer; what is it that I’m trying to do?

I am no longer overcoming a fear, I am Strengthening my Faith. That’s what it boils down to. My faith that everything will be all right. I am not my body. I am a spirit or soul that is eternal as My Father has made me. Anything I ask of My Father, He will gladly provide. You can call it God, Father, the Universe, Source. We’re all pretty much saying the same thing with a term/phrase that makes sense to how we view something.

So whether it’s A Course in Miracles, the Bible, the Law of One, The Secret, Reap What You Sew, the Law of Attraction, Mind over Matter, Karma, You Are What You Eat (what? …well, you get the picture. Surely there are many more methods or phrases that I am forgetting or just aren’t aware of…) we are told over and over again: “Ask, and you shall receive. Knock, and the door will be answered.” We just don’t really believe it deep down all the time. So we believe that failure can happen, cultivate fears, and our fears cause us to doubt. Naturally, the world manifests just what we are energetically asking for: uncertainty and failure.

Anyway, a lot of words to just say my shift in perspective is to stop identifying fears and trying to “fight” and “overcome” or “defeat” something.. I just want to strengthen my faith. Everything will be all right. I mean, really and truly, when was it not? Existence will not cease. Experience will always go on. Again, I am not my body.

What would I do if I knew I couldn’t fail? Only everything.


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